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Bruno Andrea Pesucci

Odontostomatological Special Pathology - MED/28


Born in Milan on 14th 11 1954.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1979 at the Rome University with 110 cum laude, with a thesis on the x-ray and cephalometric study of facial skeletal malformations.

Degree in Odontostomatology in 1982 with a dissertation on fractures of the mandibular condyle.

Specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery in 1987 at the University of Milan with a thesis on osteotomies of the maxilla.

On March 26th, 1982, he became Assistant of Maxillofacial Surgery at the San Camillo- Forlanini Hospital.
On 1st July 1992 as a result of a public competition, he was appointed as Vice Director of Maxillofacial Surgery.
On July 1st 2009, he was appointed as Director of the UOC Maxillofacial Surgery at San Camillo – Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

He is Past-President of the f Latium Roman Society of Maxillofacial Surgery.
He is a Lecturer at the School of Specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery at Rome University “La Sapienza”.

Since 1996, he has been the reference of U.O. Maxillofacial Surgery Group of Interdisciplinary Oncology in Neck – Facial at San Camillo Hospital in Rome.
This group has developed numerous surgical interventions in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer with micro – surgical reconstructions, as evidenced by the reports on the participation in the most important Congresses in Italy and abroad of the Society of Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery. He is also an active part in the Neck – Cephalic Microsurgical Group coordinated by the Cancer Institute of Milan.

It should be noted, also, the important and effective collaboration with the UO Neurosurgery of St. Camillo in the surgical treatment of neoplasias of the Cranial Base Front, expressed also through scientific papers and participation in many conferences.

Important references in professional  training in Facial and Neck Oncology are participation in the course of Neck Surgical Anatomy of the salivary glands at the University of Montpellier (Prof.Rabischong ) and the updating period spent at the Department of Otolaryngology Hospital Saint- Jacques in Montpellier directed by Prof.Guerrier and the Center of Head and Neck Surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York directed by Dr. Shah.

Actively interested in the surgery of Dento-Skeletal-Facial malformations and combined treatment orthodontic-surgical of facial deformities, he has participated in many courses and conferences on the subject and has held many surgeries on malformed patients.

It should be noted the period of internship spent at John Peter Smith Hospital in Dallas-Fort Worth at the Center for Cranio-Facial Deformities led by Dr.Epker at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Cologne, directed by Dr. Pape, at theDepartment of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the Ciudad Universitaria in Madrid directed by Prof.Vilar – Sancho.

He is also interested in the techniques of osteogenesis distraction in the Cranio-Facial malformations with participation in courses and in updating periods in Germany at the center of Cologne (Prof.Hidding) and France (Paris- Prof.Diner).
He has been Professor since 2008 in the course “Anterior Cranial Base Surgery and Anatomical Dissection” held by Prof. Fukushima at the Institute of Neurosurgery of Palm Beach (Florida), where he is responsible for teaching surgical techniques pertaining to Maxillofacial approach to Cranial Base Surgery.

He also collaborated with Prof. Fukushima in the drafting of the Manual of Techniques for Anatomical Dissection of the Cranial Base (edition of 2012).

He has held the position of Director of the Fourth Biennial Course of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Medical School Hospital in Rome during the academic year 2001-2003.

He is a member of the Italian Society of Maxillofacial Surgery of the European Society, CMF of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

He is the author of numerous scientific publications and reports to Congress.