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Massimo Persia

Pharmacology - BIO/14


He has lived and worked in the capital since 1980.
He graduated in medicine and surgery from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome in 1980 and shortly after qualified to practice the profession of surgical doctor.

In the following years he considered continuing his studies by choosing gynecology and obstetrics as a specialization and at the same time carried out hospital, internships and volunteered as a doctor at some hospitals such as the hospital of Genzano near Rome.

He became a permanent doctor in medicine of various services at USL RM 26 Tivoli as a Sat doctor proving assistance to drug addicts and alcoholics, today ASL RM 5 ( 1986).
In 1988 he obtained the specialization in gynecology and obstetrics of the University of L’Aquila.

In 1993, he also obtained a specialization in Toxicology at the University of Florence. Since the period of the Covid 19 pandemic, he has moved to another service in the ASL RM 5, firstly that of the prevention department and then as a medical director at the Uoc service, network of providers and care facilities.

In conclusion, Dr. Persia, due to his personal need driven by cultural in/depth study, as well as improving his qualification in the field of public health , has tried his hand at numerous notices and public competitions for qualification per titles and interviews in different local authorities on the entirely national territory, managing to obtaining the qualification as a second level medical director for district Uoc and branches of local health authorities of ASL Rieti, Rome 3, Viterbo, Tivoli and Florence in the years of the beginning of the profession, should not be underestimated.