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Deborah Meleo

Dental Hygiene - MED/50


Graduated with honors in 2001 at “Sapienza” University of Rome, she obtained there a Specialization in Odontostomatological Surgery in 2004 and then completed Phd in Odontostomatological Diseases in 2010. In the Academic Years 2006-2011 she was a Professor of the Integrated Course of Disciplines of Dental Hygiene Sciences ( Course: Protocols of maintenance of implants and prosthetic artifacts ) at the Degree Course in Dental Hygiene of “Sapienza” University of Rome. Since 2018 she is an active member of DI&RA (Digital Implant and Restorative Academy). Since 2007 she collaborates with the Department of Technologies and Health of the Italian National Institute of Health in Rome and with FORM (Forum On Regenerative Methods) developing research, publications, training and conference events about biomaterials, bone regeneration and X-ray microtomography. She attended different theoretical and practical courses in Implant Surgery, Fixed Prosthesis on teeth and implants, Periodontology, Gnathology, Photography in Dentistry. Author of several scientific publications and contributions in didactic/scientific texts. She was speaker in national meeting. She has her private practice in Rome with particular attention to the disciplines of oral surgery, implantology, prosthetics and new technologies for the digitalization of dental protocols.