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Marco Marchetti

Food Merceology - CHIM/10
Pharmaceutical Chemistry CHIM/08


Pharmacist, Biologist, Journalist.

Author of multiple publications on international journals.
His research activity mainly focuses on ketogenic diet therapy and body composition, as well as on the composition and preparation of fillers and skin biostimulants produced and used in aesthetic medicine.
I direct the scientific periodical “Il Bugiardino”.

The professor is
Lecturer in several II level University Masters and Training Schools in Aesthetic Medicine.
Teacher and creator of several ECM courses aimed at health professions.
Registered in the register of AGENAS technicians and collaborators in the health area.
Very active in the field of information through participation in congresses and conferences, as well as participation in radio and TV broadcasts.

Co-author of the book: Cellulite, skin Alzheimer’s.

Holder of three patents:
-Composition and cosmetic method for reducing cellulite blemishes
-Composition and method for reducing blood alcohol content
– Method to produce cross-linked hyaluronic acid having the ability to modulate the release of amino acids useful for the biostimulation of collagen and the product thus obtained.