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Giuseppina Laganà

Preventative and Community Dentistry - Med/28



Degree in Dentistry with honors on 07/26/1996 at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

Postgraduated in Orthodontics with honors on 12/12/2000 at the University of Rome La Sapienza

PhD with honors on 14 April 2017 in Materials for Health, Environment and Energy (Materials for Dentistry Area), XXIX Cycle, University of Rome Tor Vergata



Qualified for Associate Professor D.D. 2175/2018 scientific sector 06 / F1

Consultant at the Orthodontic Clinical Unit of Tor Vergata Hospital

Teacher of “Elements of myofunctional therapy” at CLID, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Visiting professor at the Postgraduate School of Orthodontics, University of Rome Tor Vergata



132 publications: n. 2 books, n. 3 contributions as chapters in three books, n. 3 dossier, n. 73 full articles, n. 51 poster



  • orthodontic prevention in the growing patient
  • analysis of the factors determining malocclusion
  • early therapy in dento-skeletal malocclusions
  • epidemiological investigations in the school populations of L’Aquila, Chieti and Tirana
  • breathing disorders and malocclusions
  • OSAS in children and adults
  • 3D diagnosis
  • Marfan syndrome