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Valeria Giuliani

Obstetrical Gynecological Nursing Sciences - MED/47


In 2015, I obtained my first degree, a Bachelor in Obstetrics, in Rome at the Tor Vergata University, with a graduation score of 110/110.

Later in 2021, I completed a Master’s Degree in Obstetrics and Nursing Science, at the same university with a graduation score of 110/110.

My first real working experiences in a hospital began at the renowned hospital in Rome, called Fatebenefratelli San Giovanni Calibita – where I was granted a few term contracts

During this period, I also gained precious experience and insight by collaborating with The Casa Maternity in Rome at Tesatccio, as a volunteer midwife, which gave me the first hand opportunity to observe and study the many aspects of the physiology of the event of giving birth.

I currently have a full time occupation at the Sandro Pertini hospital in Rome.