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Marco Gallotti

Nursing sciences and neuropsychiatric rehabilitation techniques - Med/48


Marco Gallotti, Physiotherapist, a three-year graduate in 2015 from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, then obtained a master’s degree in Neurorehabilitation in 2017 from La Sapienza University. He continued his studies by pursuing the degree of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapist in 2018 at the University of Genoa and the master’s degree in “Rehabilitation Sciences of Health Professions” in 2022. He is active from the perspective of major scientific associations in the area as a board member of GIS GTM & AIFI, Fisioscience Collaborator. He has already been carrying out teaching activities since 2020 as Clinical Tutor and Lecturer at the “Master in Rheumatological and Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy” in Rome Tor Vergata and Rome La Sapienza. Private practitioner at Physioup physiotherapy practice – Rome.