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Mirco Galie'

Human anatomy - Bio/16


Graduated in Biology cum laude he obtained the PhD in at the University of Verona.

He is currently Associate Professor in Human Anatomy (SSD BIO/16) at the University of Verona.

He has worked as Visting Assistant Professor at the UTSouthwestern Medical Center (DALLAS, Tx, USA) and Maitre Assistant at University of Geneva (Switzerland)

His reaearch activity mainly focuses on the identification of molecular determinants of ageing and neoplastic transformation with special regards on the understanding of biological bases of the functional overlapping between mesenchymal phenotype and stem cell identity, both in physiological and pathological contexts.

His scientific and technical background encompasses a broad range of experimental strategies, which includes cellular and molecular biology, cell engeneering, transgenic animals, in vivo imaging and moprphological techniques (optical, electronic and confocal microscopy)

He is co-author of many scientific publications on international scientific journals: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6441-8313