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Francesco Frontani

Neuropsychiatric and Rehabilitative Nursing and Techniques - Med/48


In the 2009 he achieves the bachelor of degree in physical therapy

He partecipates to many differents manual therapy courses, and in the 2016 he achieves the first level master in manual therapy, recognized by IFOMPT, qualifying title as OMT (Orthopaedic manipulative therapist) at TorVergata University.

In the 2019 he achieves the master of science in ‘’rehabilitation science for the health professionist’’

Member of GTM (manual therapy group)

He is a freelance worker and he uses manual therapy and therapeutic exercise as the basic treatment during his work.

Currently is completing the first level master in ‘’Biostatistics for clinical research and scientific reporting’’ at Padua University

He is lecturer in ‘’Metodology and rehabilitation 2’’ course at the Saint Camillus International University of Health and medical Sciences in Rome.