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Davide Fierro

Medical Sciences and Techniques - MED-50


I am Davide Fierro medical radiology technician since 2009 in my career I have always devoted myself mainly to the Magnetic Resonance method, having the opportunity to carry out studies for both clinical and research purposes in Italy and abroad.

I have a great and vast experience in teaching at all levels both in terms of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and first level professionalizing masters.

I also hold a first and second level master’s degree as well as a master’s degree.

I was lucky enough to work in various hospitals both at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome and at the Sant’Andrea hospital and currently at the Castelli Romani hospital where I mainly deal with Magnetic Resonance.

I also have extensive experience in the scientific field by personally participating as a speaker at various congress events and publishing several posters, participating in the drafting and publication of numerous scientific articles.

I have a great passion for this profession for teaching and therefore the ability to transmit my knowledge to others as well as for magnetic resonance imaging and which is the area of ​​greatest interest to me at a diagnostic and research level.