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Sabina Ficili

Physiology - BIO/09


Dr. Sabina Ficili, degree in medicine and surgery on 20-07-1993 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, specialization in Cardiology at the University of Rome Tor vergata on 1-12-1997.

Training period at high volume cardiac electrophysiology centers:

-1998 period of annual training experience at the Department’s electrophysiology laboratory of the University of Paris 13;

-2007-2009 Periodic frequency for updating (annual) at the electrophysiology laboratory of the Haut-Levèque CHU hospital in Bordeaux in France directed by Prof Michel Haissaguerre.

Over the years she has developed skills in clinical cardiology in the field of arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies and heart failure: in basic and applied electrophysiology in the field of electrical and drug therapy, in the anatomy of the heart cavities and in electrophysiology and electrostimulation surgical techniques. Together with clinical experience, she has gained particular experience in the field of Electrophysiology-Electrostimulation techniques, developing high professional competence in:

– single and dual chamber PM and ICD implants and ventricular resynchronization;

– ablation of supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias;

– endocavtary mappings.

From 1-03-2021 director of UOC Cardiology / Utic P.O. of Modica