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Silvio Festinese

Pharmacology – Bio/14


Dr. Festinese, a Specialist in Cardiology, has consistently been active within the framework of Community Territorial Medical Support focusing on the study of clinical medical scientific methodology and medical drug therapy.

For the pas 20 years, he has been Professor in Pharmacology, Angiology, Cardiology, Medical Scientific Methodology and in Informatics Efficacy at UniCamillus International Medical University, Sapienza University of Rome and Medical School of the Lazio Region.

Has been a research fellow in “Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases” at the Medical University of Turin; a volunteer researcher in Angiology at the Service of Cardiovascular Physiopathology Policlinico Umberto I Faculty of Medicine, at Sapienza University of Rome. During this period, he has published researches, also as first author, at  international and European Cardiology Conferences in Manila, Berlin and Paris.

He has graduated in Higher University Education in “Medicina Specialistica in Community care” and in “Pratiche di Management in Community care” at the Department of Economics and Management of Health Systems at the University of Rome Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

He is Head in Outpatient Cardiology at S. Spirito Hospital area in Rome ASL Roma 1; Member of the ASL Roma 1 Interdistrict Prescriptive Accuracy Commission; Member for Cardiology and Angiology of the Agenas National Commission; Member of the National Directorate and Head of “SIFOP” (Italian Society of Specialist Medicine) for the Lazio Region; President and/or Scientific Training Director of various annual national conferences such as “Farmaco Forum” and “Consensus Conference Cronicità”.