• emiliano.fabiani@unicamillus.org

Emiliano Fabiani

Technical Sciences of Laboratory Medicine - Med/46
Blood diseases - Med/15


PhD in “Technological Applications in Haematology” he worked for 12 years at the “Catholic University of Sacred Heart”.
He continued his research at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, in the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention.
Principal research interest:
-Mutational landscape of de novo and therapy-related MDS and AML
-Epigenetic profile of de novo and therapy-related MDS and AML
-Impact of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in de novo MDS, de novo AML and therapy-related myeloid neoplasm
-Predictors of response in intermediate-2/high risk MDS and low blast count AML patients treated with hypomethylating agents
-Hypomethylating agents as a bridge for bone marrow transplantation in MDS and AML patients
-Predictors of response to iron-chelation agents
-Bone marrow microenvironment