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Antonino Di Caro

Microbiology/Bacteriology - Med/07


University of Rome 1976 – 1982
Degree in Medicine
University of Rome 1982 – 1985
Specialty degree in Hygiene and Public health
University of Rome 1987
Specialty degree in Hygiene and Hospital Management
University of Rome 1988 – 1992
Specialty degree in Medical Microbiology and Virology
Present position:
Director of Microbiology Laboratory and Infectious Diseases Biorepository at the National Institute for Infectious Diaseases “L. Spallanzani” (INMI), is expert on in basic and diagnostic virology including infection of RG3 and 4 agents.
Member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee and of Hospital infection Control Commitee at INMI.
He has extensive experience on training activity on viruses and bacteria, involving diagnostic, pathogenetic, molecular, and biosafety aspects.
His research activity is related to biodefense, biosecurity and biosafety, biobanking, emerging and re-emerging infections, and on the establishment and validation of innovative diagnostic methods.
He is Principal Investigator or participant to national research programs and to numerous European research project on Emerging Infectious Diseases (EMERGE, EBOLA-MODRAD, EVD-LabNEt, EMLab, PITBUL) and he is involved in WHO-GOARN and EDCARN activities and part of the INMI team with the task of assisting WHO as WHO collaborating center.
He has previous experience of international mission for outbreak response in developing countries in Africa region on the development of tools and protocols for the diagnosis of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever.
Coauthor of more than 200 scientific papers accessible at:

Honoured with the title “Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica” for having particularly distinguished herself in the service of the community during the coronavirus emergency.

Full Professor at UniCamillus.