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Marco D'Arienzo

Applied Physics - FIS/07


Certified Medical Physicist Manager at ASL Rome 6 (NHS), Medical Physics Unit (Ospedale dei Castelli) with cross-functional expe- rience in radiology, radiation protection and nuclear medicine. He is responsible for all scientific and technical aspects of imaging, and radiological equipment safety within the ASL Rome 6 area. He is currently appointed radiation safety expert for the Nuclear Medicine Unit.

He received a Master degree in Physics from Roma Tre University in 2003 (110/110) and earned a 4-years post-graduate specialization in Medical Physics at Tor Vergata University in 2006 (70/70 with honours). In 2004 he attained the professional qualification of Qualified Radiation Protection Expert III° degree – n° 510.

He obtained his Ph.D. in “Morphofunctional Sciences and Biophysics” from “La Sapienza” University in Rome (with honours), under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Pani in 2015. From May 2010 through may 2020, he has headed the “Therapy Level Primary Standards” Unit at the National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology – ENEA Casaccia research center with a permanent position.

CBRNE protection expert, from 2011 to 2018 he was involved in the radiological emergency response team at the ENEA Casaccia research center as Radiation Protection Expert and Emergency Manager/Decision Maker. In september 2018 he received the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor.

His current research interests lie in different areas: medical physics, internal/external dosimetry, radiation protection, radiology, molecular radiotherapy, CBRNe events, nuclear and radiological safety, radiation protection of nuclear fusion power plants and medical accelerators.

He is author of more than 100 scientific works on specialist journals (H-index 22), two books dedicated to radiation protection, 7 book chapters. he’s currently member of the Italian Association of Medical Physics (AIFM), Italiana Association of Radiation Pro- tection (AIRP) and Italian Physics Society (SIF).

He’s also member of the IEC working group SC 62C – Equipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation and of the IRPA working group Security of Radioactive Sources dosimetry. He is currently one of the funding member of the CCRI-RTWG Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Working Group (BIPM).

He has a number of academic appointments, among which: i) Adjunt professor of radiation protection and applied physics at UniCamillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences in Rome (degree in Medicine and Surgery and Degree in Ra- diology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques) ii) Post-graduate Medical Physics School of Tor Vergata University iii) Post-graduate Nuclear Medicine School of La Sapienza University iv) International Master Course in ”Protection against CBRNe events” University of Rome Tor Vergata and v) ”Radiation Protection and Physical Agents Master course” at University of Rome Tor Vergata.