• cinzia.crinella@unicamillus.org

Cinzia Crinella

English Language – L-Lin/12


Cinzia Crinella has run Scientific English classes for many three years healthcare degrees and specializing medical courses at Tor Vergata University (2000 -2018,Medicine and Surgery Faculty) and at Unicamillus International Health University.

Her main professional goals have always been a correct suitable and effective student’s approach to the foreign Language along with the knowledge of the requested specific glossary depending on the studied field. Her constant updating and practice, the research of a tailored syllabus to carry out for each degree courses, a special attention to the contemporary native speakers language(phonetics, ordinary grammar, phraseology, etc) in her classes, allow her to make English a relevant way to success in every profession.

Since she graduated at La Sapienza University, she cooperated in research and translations (Engl/French/It) at international organisations, then she specialized in English at work(ESP) and got the main certifications for Language Teaching (EFL,DELF,DALF).