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Cinzia Ciccacci

Medical Genetics - Med/03


Graduated in Biological Science. She obtained a PhD in “Evolutionist Biology and Ecology” and a Specialty Degree in Medical Genetics. 
She is currently Assistant Professor in Medical Genetics at Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus). She is qualified for Associate Professor for 06/N1 sector since December 2014 and for 06/A1 sector (Medical Genetics) since March 2017. 
Her research focused on the study of a) genetic factors and their interactions in the susceptibility to multifactorial diseases and their role in the clinical manifestations and phenotypes b) Pharmacogenetics and Genomic Biomarkers and their application in the clinical practice. She has partecipated to severas funded Research Projects as research fellow. Co-author of 56 papers in peer-review journals, 53 indexed in MEDLINE, and 50 abstracts presented at National and International meetings.
She serves as Academic Editor for “Plos One” and for “Journal of Immunology Research. She is “ad hoc” Reviewer for several Journals. Member of SIGU (Italian Society of Human Genetics).
Associate professor at UniCamillus.