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Antonella Ciabattoni

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy - MED/36


The undersigned Dr. Antonella Ciabattoni has been working as a permanent medical doctor at the Radiotherapy Unit of the San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome since 1999, with a highly specialized professional position for breast cancer (for the breast unit), for gastrointestinal neoplasms and for intraoperative radiotherapy.

She is married and mother of 3 children.
She works with particular attention to humanization in medicine, so much that she was the winner for the year 2022 of the Umberto Veronesi “Laudato Medico” Award, established by Europa Donna to preserve humanization in the field of breasts.

She has always shown attention to the ethical problems of medicine, attending masters and specific Bioethics courses, with particular attention to the end-of-life issues.
She is particularly interested in sharing knowledge with students and postgraduates in her discipline, maintaining the role of adjunct professor in the Physiotherapy Degree Courses and in the Technical Radiologist Degree Courses of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in the 2000s- 2016 and then, in the same Degree Courses of the Sapienza University of Rome at the ASL Roma 1, San Filippo Neri Hospital until today.

She is currently a contract professor also in the English Degree Course for Technical Radiologist at the Unicamillus University of Rome. She has covered the role of supervisor or co-supervisor of 26 degree theses and one doctoral thesis.

She is particularly active within the Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology (AIRO) in which for years she has held roles as advisor or coordinator of various study groups and in the International Society of Intraoperative Radiotherapy (ISIORT) in which she currently holds the role of treasurer.
She speaks English perfectly.