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Cristiano Caruso

Internal Medicine - MED/09


Professor Cristiano Caruso focuses on hypersensitivity reactions to drugs, hymenoptera venom (Apidae, Vespidae, bumblebees) and foods. More specifically, his study and research activity focuses on respiratory diseases such as allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, allergic and non-allergic bronchial asthma, severe asthma and related pathologies.
Professor Caruso actively takes part in study groups concerning rhinosinusitis pathologies within various national (Società Italiana di Allergologia e Immunologia Clinica and Accademia Italiana di Citologia Nasale) and international (European Accademy of Allergology and Immunology) scientific companies. He also deals with nickel allergy, chronic nettle rash and related pathologies.
He personally follows clinical trials on patients for use of biological drugs for various indications.

He is part of:
Editorial board :
SIAAIC editorial Committee
Clinical Molecular Allergy.
Exploration asthma allergy and clinical Immunology

Biomed research international allergy (IF 2.2)
Frontiers in allergy
Since 2019, he is member of the reviewer committee of the EAACI journal, Allergy (IF 14.3), IJMS journal (International Journal of Molecular Sciences) Impact Factor 4.183, and for the “Journal of asthma and allergy” IF 3.8.

Since 2022, he’s member of the scientific committee for the patient association RESPIRIAMO INSIEME and of the APACS association (Associazione Pazienti Sindrome di Churg Strauss). 

Scientific publications
Impacted articles and communications.  He’s author of more than 150 high impact scientific publications (according to WEB of SCIENCE) from 2005 to 2023
Total H index 30 on Google Scholar and 27 on Web of Science
Citations 2242 (September 2022)