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Franco Arcieri

Information Technology - INF/01


Electronic engineer expert in computer and network security. Professor of Distributed Cooperative Systems at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Master’s degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

I have been responsible for many national and international ITC industrial and research projects. I have developed many algorithms, software and tools in research or technology areas as geographical information systems, cybersecurity, firewalling, health, blockchain. My knowledge of programming languages ​​varies from assembly languages ​​(IBM 360, Univac 1100, 8086, z80, 6502, VAX, x86_64), to procedural languages ​​(among others pascal, fortran, c, c ++, golang, php, java, javascript, python, …) to languages ​​for databases (the sql family, the json family), to functional languages ​​(lisp, scheme, …). In these programming languages ​​I have managed or directly carried out several research and industrial projects as well as training for specialized operators.

My deep knowledge of computer science has allowed me to work as a manager or as a teacher in master’s courses for graduates in the most varied fields of computer science.
I am one of the creators and developers of many patents filed in Europe, Italy and the USA.
As an experienced IT project tester, I have tested public administration projects for tens of millions of euros.