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Adriano Acciarino

General and Social Pedagogy - M-Ped/01


Bachelor’s degree in “Cognitive Psychology”, Sapienza University of Rome.
Master’s degree in “Cognitive Neurosciences and Psychological Rehabilitation”, Sapienza University of Rome (110 with honors and excellence path).
Ph.D in “Psychology and Social Neurosciences”, Sapienza University of Rome.
Practical experience in the field of epilepsy and neuropsychology.
Research experience in social and affective neuroscience.
Expertise in virtual reality, neuroimaging (fMRI), psychophysiological measures and management of psychological questionnaires.
Adjunct professor of General and Social Pedagogy and Social Psychology for UniCamillus since 2018.
Didactic tutor and DSA tutor for UniCamillus since 2023.
Experience in psycho-social support for migrant people (with the Italian Red Cross, on Covid-19 quarantine ships) and in psychotraumatology (psychologist for the ANIA Cares service).
Member of the Board of Directors (Treasurer) of the volunteer organization SIPEM SoS – Lazio, in the field of Emergency Psychology and MHPSS.