Ongoing Orientation

Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery

Ongoing orientation activities are aimed at already enrolled students and are intended to overcome any obstacles to successful attendance and active participation in university life.


Ongoing orientation and tutoring activities have the essential task of fostering learning and promoting effective career advancement for students.

Ongoing orientation activities consist of three services:
– a Disciplinary and Didactic Tutoring service;
– a University Staff Tutoring service;
– a Technical Tutoring service.   

Disciplinary and Didactic Tutoring

The main purpose of the Disciplinary and Didactic Tutoring service is to foster and support students’ learning process, their  communication skills and their frequent interaction with Professors with tha aim of solving any kind of problems and deeply analyzing the relevant themes.

The disciplinary tutoring service is guaranteed by professors, the staff who collaborate with the them in teaching activities and in supplementary teaching activities (examination, laboratories, seminars, internships, etc.), and by disciplinary and clinical tutors.

More specifically, disciplinary tutors work closely with Professors to help them organise and manage their teaching activities, taking students’ needs into account. Therefore, disciplinary tutors act as privileged interlocutors for students in a constant effort to foster dialogue and learning processes.

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University Staff Tutoring

University Staff Tutoring: This service is directed at all the students and provides an integration and support plan for university life, starting with first-year students up to near-graduates and graduates, through scheduled and requested individual interviews, as well as specific initiatives for groups of students.

University Staff Tutoring main purposes are:
– guaranteeing to students an individual and orienting tutoring service with the aim in order to identify their resources and potential to develop their learning skills;
– managing any difficulties and take active responsibility for them, and offer help in dealing with the different stages of the university path, framing them in a broader motivational and value context;
– foster effective integration into the Degree Course educational pathway and into university life;
– encourage effective career advancement, specifically through: assistance activities in individual study plans filling; orientation activities aiming at facilitating the choice of the best educational path for their characteristics, taking into account career monitoring results;
– optimizing the use of time and the work organization, identifying the best learning methodologies, promoting motivation, self-effectiveness and efficacy of the relationship with the Professors;
– scheduling exams and promoting self-evaluation of personal achievements.

Assistance to students is guaranteed until the end of their studies with support in the choice of their dissertation, with the aim of enhancing their skills, aptitudes and interests, keeping in mind the  labor market needs. Moreover, an active tutoring service is guaranteed for students in difficulty, particularly with regard to passing exams, through interventions by our University aimed at encouraging greater effectiveness of study methods and overcoming conditions of inactivity or distrust.

Technical Tutoring

Technical Tutoring: This service support students from a technical point of view, actively assisting students and encouraging their access to the several online spaces of the Medicine and Surgery Degree Course.