Arnold Vahrenwald

Arnold Vahrenwald

Admitted as a Rechtsanwalt (attorney at law) in Germany
Admitted as a Rechtsanwalt (attorney at law) in Switzerland
Admitted as an advocate in the Russian Federation

Legal Education:

  • Legal studies in Saarbrücken, Heidelberg and Munich
  • Master of Laws studies at the London School of Economics
  • PhD at the National Taras-Shevchenko University of Kiev (Institute of International Relations)
  • Professor at the Media Business School Rome

Working areas:
Private law, national and international
Corporate law
Commercial law
Intellectual property Law
Media, film and sports law
Competition law
Inheritance and family law
Basic principles of tax law
National and international procedural mediation and arbitration law

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Basics)

Activities (also previous):
International civil servant at the European Space Agency (ESA), Paris, responsible in the field of intellectual property law (1985 to 1989)
Professor at the media Business School, Rome, as well as successor organizations
Contributing editor of the International Energy Law & Taxation Review, (Sweet & Maxwell) Thomson/Reuters, London
Correspondent of the Entertainment Law Review, (Sweet & Maxwell) Thomson/Reuters, London
Head of the Working Group “Law and Electronic Commerce” of the program Forum Info 2000 of the Federal Ministry of Economics (1997 and 1998)
Member of the Arbitration Board of IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance, Los Angeles) and the German Institution of Arbitration
Member of CEN (Centre Européen de Normalisation/European Committee for Standardization), Brussels, Working Group “Learning Technologies”
Researchers at the Joint Research Center of the EU Commission (Joint Research Centre) Ispra/Milan, Study: “Out-of-court dispute settlement systems for e-commerce” (1999 and 2000)
International legal consultant, United Arab Emirates (2005-2012)
Expert working in the programme of the EU Commission: “Enhance Innovation Strategies, Policies and Regulation in Ukraine” (2010 and 2011)
Member of faculty at the European University, European Business School, Munich-Geneva-Montreux-Barcelona (2015 and 2016)
Professor at the Kyiv University of Law, Institute of International Relations, Kyiv
Expert in the programme of the EU Commission: “Support to the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights”, Moldova (2017)