Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of the Departmental Faculty of UniCamillus was established in order to develop programmes in line with the demand coming from external stakeholders. The aim of the Committee is to facilitate the match between demand and educational offer, by developing and adapting programmes in order to meet the cultural and production needs of the territory.

The Advisory Committee has a major role in developing and updating the programmes of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine, making sure they are in line with the world of work and the entrepeneurial sector. The purpose of the Committee is to evaluate the progress of study programmes, to develop proposals defining and designing the educational offer and learning objectives and to facilitate contacts for potential student internships at companies and organizations.

The members of the Advisory Committee of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine are:

  • Angelo Cichelli (Professor, SSD AGR/15)
  • Francesco Cognetti (Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Med/06)
  • Ugo Covani (President of Fondazione Istituto Stomatologico Toscano ONLUS)
  • Mario D’Ambrosio (UMA Director – School of Management))
  • Paolo Di Francesco (Head of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Rome Tor Vergata)
  • Jessica Veronica Faroni (President of AIOP Lazio, Association of private health structures of the Lazio Region)
  • Antonio Magi (President of the Medical Board of Rome)
  • Brunello Pollifrone (Organisation Officer of Dental Boards of Rome)

Regulations for the operations of the Advisory Committee and consultation of stakeholders