ACENDIO Conference Rome 2023
The 14th Biennial Conference of the Association for Common European Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes

Nursing-generated data: predictive analytics and eHealth strategies

16 – 18 March 2023
UniCongress Hall
UniCamillus Congress Hall
Via di Sant’Alessandro 26 – Roma

The 14th International Conference of ACENDIO explores how nursing-generated data within predictive models can impact patient and organizational outcomes thanks to their focus on key health status elements. This conference highlights the strategies to build predictive models and to integrate eHealth technologies into nursing practice.

Conference Subthemes

a) Nursing-sensitive patient outcomes related to Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs), patient adherence and empowering;

b) Development and validation of SNLs;

c) Implementation examples of SNLs into curricula, educational methods, models and evaluations;

d) Implementation of SNLs into practice: methods, examples and evaluations; accuracy of nursing diagnoses, effectiveness of interventions and quality of patient outcomes; decision support systems for nurses and inter-professional teams; effectiveness of usable Electronic Health Records;

e) Implications of digitalization and ethical concerns;

f) Usability and effectiveness of digitalization to enhance patient outcomes;

g) Big nursing data warehousing and research; data interoperability and usability;

h) Patient safety and quality of care through assistive devices/products;

i) Documenting nursing care; classifications of nursing diagnoses, interventions and nursingsensitive patient outcomes; minimum data sets as important part of e-Health;

j) Quality of artificial intelligence and robotics in nursing to enhance patient outcomes.