UniCamillus: first graduates in Medicine and Surgery exactly six years after the first lecture of the Medical University

On 4 and 5 July, UniCamillus University celebrated a ῝historic῞ moment with the graduation of its first 58 Medicine and Surgery students. The first lecture of the MSc programme was held in 2018, the year in which the Saint Camillus University of Medical Sciences was founded.

Exactly six years have passed since then, confirming figures emerging from the recent AlmaLaurea survey, according to which UniCamillus’ students graduate on time in 92.8% of cases.

This significant milestone marks an important step for our Institution. The students who graduated from UniCamillus have successfully completed an intensive academic journey, characterised by in-depth studies, clinical practice, internships at prestigious healthcare facilities and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of medicine. The training itinerary is designed to provide comprehensive, high-quality education, preparing students to become competent professionals who pursue a patient-centred mission to meet the many challenges of today’s healthcare system.

“Our adventure began six years ago with a bet: we believed in it and largely won thanks to the extraordinary lecturers and collaborators who have contributed to the growth of UniCamillus”, said Rector Gianni Profita during the graduation session. “Now we look to the future and hope to see those who are graduating today become our future researchers and lecturers”.

“Our first medical graduates were pioneers who built the prestige of UniCamillus”, added Prof. Barbara Tavazzi, Head of the Medical School. “I am proud of our students, and excited for them and for the new road they are about to take”. Intense emotion was experienced during the choral reading of the Hippocratic Oath.

UniCamillus University is young, but its achievements are already remarkable: over the last year, in addition to the Rome campus, the University has succeeded in bringing the first MSc Medicine and Surgery to the Lido di Venezia, at the IRCCS San Camillo, and is currently working towards the accreditation of its MSc Medicine and Surgery in the splendid and challenging context of Cefalù, Sicily.

The graduation ceremony was characterised—as all the many participants noticed—by a resolute faith in scientific progress, in the future of medicine and research.