The importance of proper vascular access management

by Jacopo Fiorini, UniCamillus Lecturer for the On-line Master in Critical Care Nursing

Vascular accesses are a common care practice that represent a necessity for patients accessing to healthcare facilities. The knowledge, choice, positioning and management of vascular devices are essential skills for health professionals, particularly for nurses, the main internationally recognized interlocutors and responsible for this care practice.

In all care environments, healthcare professionals insert, manage, and use venous accesses and recognize their benefit to patients. Venous accesses can be short, medium and long term. A proactive approach to the patient’s venous heritage consist in taking care of the person assisted in a present and future perspective; it is very important to choose and insert the right venous device for the right patient at the right time.

In the intensive care field, the vascular access allows to cope with the criticality and clinical instability of the patient and manage his condition. Therefore, the knowledge and application of the finest scientific evidence to the care practice ensures the best possible outcomes for patients in terms of effectiveness and treatment.

Jacopo Fiorini is a Lecturer in the First Level Master in Critical Care Nursing at UniCamillus, where he teaches Vascular Accessess – PICC TEAM

This Master aims at training qualified nurses equipped with multidisciplinary skills in the critical care area: assistance, diagnosis, clinical evaluation and therapy. An in-depth study and knowledge of these factors allows to detect emergency situations in which the patient has a condition of clinical instability.

Lessons are delivered in e-learning mode with the ability to access the platform 24 hours a day and use, at any time, all the teaching materials made available by teachers.