MSc Human Nutrition Sciences award ceremony at UniCamillus. Recent graduates’ words: “A life-changing specialisation”.

A programme that takes you, day by day, hand in hand, into the professional world. Last Tuesday, in the UniCamillus Auditorium, the recent graduates of the MSc Human Nutrition Sciences described in this way their experience at the end of their two-year degree course at the International Medical University of Rome. Talking on stage at the graduation ceremony was Immacolata Matrone, who had recently completed her studies, her words echoing those of all the recent graduates and colleagues in the room, who shared this experience with her. “A journey that even in just two years has totally changed my life“.

It was a day of great joy for everyone. On the stage, handing over the degree certificates, together with the Rector, Gianni Profita, were Professor Corsello, full Professor of Endocrinology, and Professor Tavazzi, full Professor of Biochemistry. Daily at UniCamillus, they both give their lectures on various degree courses, in addition to the ones included within the MSc Human Nutrition Sciences programme. On this occasion, however, they wanted to testify not only to the excellent work done by the students in writing their dissertations, but also to the importance of having created a proactive relationship with them over the years. “They have helped us learn new aspects of the subject we teach“, said Professor Tavazzi, congratulating the new graduates. Professor Corsello emphasised the symbolic aspect of studying subjects that have to do with food. “From Jesus’ Last Supper to today’s international meetings, almost all the great events in human history have taken place at the table. This means that to study and understand the deeper meaning of a science, one cannot ignore the impact it has in society. We must be aware that the way we eat and everything that revolves around the concept of eating affects the lives of all of us“.

The impact on the lives of the students in this programme has been massive. “Every exam I took unconsciously gave me a piece of what I have achieved today“, said Dr Matrone from the stage. “I learnt step by step what made me a true professional. But above all, I owe the greatest debt to this University: my second family, my friends, who are by my side every day and hold my hand“.

Many others will follow in the same footsteps, enjoying the same educational experience and feeling the same personal excitement. The call for applications for the new academic year is already open. All the relevant information can be found on the UniCamillus website.

The University’s guest of honour on Tuesday was the well-known television presenter, Rosanna Lambertucci: she is a nutritionist herself, as well as a journalist, writer and science communicator. She dedicated these words to the students who received the degree certificate: “When I started in this profession, in the early 1980s, there was no great culture of nutrition. Today, however, it is considered one of the cornerstones of health. For this reason, your role is very important. Sciences such as nutraceutics, which you pursue and apply in your work, are the basis of health for everybody. Your graduation today is the sum and proof of the many achievements that have been made in this scientific field, to which UniCamillus has greatly contributed“.