Biomedical Laboratory Techniques students of UniCamillus University completed their first 500 hours of internships at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital

Practical internship is a crucial testing ground in biomedical laboratory technicians training. Internship is guaranteed by professional tutors’ skills and knowledge. Biomedical Laboratory Techniques first-year students of UniCamillus University concluded their first internship experience at San Camillo Forlanini Hospital and described important moments in their professional path.

Mentoring is the most delicate stage during internships. Mentors at San Camillo Hospital can confirm it. They welcomed and trained the students during their 500 hours of this first-year internship. Mentors prepared them to be future health system professionals. At microbiology and clinical biochemistry laboratories, UniCamillus interns had the opportunity to implement the main activities of biomedical laboratory technicians: knowledge of chemical biological risk, handling of sensitive data, preanalytical phase, analytical phase and validation of analytical data represent the core competencies of this professional profile.         

In addition to specific laboratory activities, students were involved in pure research activities and had the chance to discuss with professionals who cooperate with biomedical laboratory technicians in laboratory medicine.

“Skilled and available professionalizing mentors facilitate the training of efficient professionals who can be included in the health system” affirmed Fabbio Marcuccilli, director of the Biomedical Laboratory Techniques degree course at UniCamillus.

In this first training experience, UniCamillus students publicly thanked all the tutors who attentively and consistently handed over their knowledge.