White Coat Ceremony: the rite of passage from the pre-clinical to clinical subjects

The University is dedicating a special day to the fourth-year students of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery: the White Coat Ceremony, which symbolically marks the passage from pre-clinical to clinical subjects.

Practical training is an important and exciting time in the life of every student, who has chosen to dedicate his or her life to the medical profession, and this year it was celebrated at UniCongress Hall on two different days, the 9th and 11th November.

The ceremony was opened by Rector Gianni Profita, who welcomed students and parents together with the President of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, Barbara Tavazzi.

Special guests on the first day were Professor Giuseppe Ippolito, UniCamillus professor and General Director of Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Health, and the journalist and scientific populariser Rosanna Lambertucci. On the second day, speakers included Professor Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, UniCamillus professor and Director of the Spallanzani Research Laboratory, known for having isolated the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in 2020, and the journalist and scientific populariser Manuela Lucchini.

The Rector strongly wanted a representation of UniCamillus researchers, Claudia Ceci, Maria Meringolo and Emiliano Maiani, to join the officiants as a reminder that the future of medicine lies in research.

The ceremony was also attended by the fourth-year medical student representative Ilaria Cassano, who gave voice to the students’ thoughts in her speech in front of an audience of moved parents.

Before the dressing of the students, the ceremony ended with the solemn reading of the Declaration of Geneva by Professor Barbara Tavazzi.

Rector Profita also announced the signing of new agreements with private facilities, which will allow students to carry out their internships, such as the I.N.I. Grottaferrata Nursing Home, Policlinico Luigi di Liegro, Policlinico Casilino, and Cristo Re Hospital, in addition to the facilities affiliated with the Lazio Region.

Currently, the reference health authority for student internships is ASL Roma 6, which includes the New Hospital of the Castelli Romani. Other facilities are the Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni Addolorata, the San Camillo-Forlanini, the Sant’Eugenio, the Pertini and the CTO.

Therefore, UniCamillus students have an extraordinary care network at their disposal in which to train.

From now on, students are finally called to the ward for their first approaches to patients and healthcare.

Good luck to the Doctors of tomorrow.