Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences

Schedules of Lessons per year and semester

Access to the Calendars

The archive is divided per year of registration.
To consult the schedule of lessons, choose the tab with the year of registration in which the Degree Course started.
The Tab opens a list where are shown the respective links of the Schedule Lessons, divided per semesters and years.
They are in “Reverse Chronological” order. The first calendar on the list is always the last one published and related to the ongoing semester.
The last calendar on the list is the first published, ie the one relating to the first semester of the first year.
Each calendar can be displayed in a separate window by selecting the link or downloaded as a PDF file with the “CTRL-Click” command.

Teaching Calendar of the lessons

Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences

1st year
Registrations 2021/2022


Select the semester of your interest to view or download (CTRL Click) the PDF file


A.Y. 2021/22, Semester 1

A.Y. 2021/22, Semester 2