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Michele Farinacci

Forensic Medicine - MED/43


He earned a Master Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan and specializations in Oncology, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Hospital Technical Guidance and Internal Medicine at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, in Legal and Insurance Medicine at the University of Macerata, attended the Management Training Course – University of L’Aquila – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the two-year Post-University Master in Health Management, of the AGISA (Justice and Health Association) at the Supreme Court of Cassation, Rome.  

Starting from 6 December 2018 he was inserted in the List of Experts of the Ministry of Health.

He worked in Oncology and Nuclear Medicine and in Health Management at the Civil Hospital of Teramo, at Val Vibrata Hospital in Sant’Omero and Villa Anna Clinic in San Benedetto del Tronto.

He taught at the Nursing School and the School for Physiotherapists at the Civil Hospital of Teramo – Teramo ULS, at Val Vibrata Hospital Nursing School (Teramo ULS), at the University of L’Aquila Diploma for Nursing, at OSS Hospital Course Val Vibrata, at Polyvalent and Research Hyperbaric Center of Teramo in Sant’Atto and at Abruzzo Region.

Professor of Occupational Medicine at the Faculty of Law – University of Teramo, of Legal Medicine at the School of Specialization in Legal Professions at the Faculty of Law – University of Teramo, of Legal Medicine in the Post-University Master of Training and Continuing Education of the AGISA (Association of Justice and Health), and Head of Legal and Occupational Medicine Events at the Hospital Medical School of Rome.

Author of publications in oncology, hygiene and forensics.

Past Abruzzo Regional Secretary and currently National Councilor and National Assistant Secretary in Central Italy, of the Italian Union of Specialists in Legal and Insurance Medicine.

He is Technical Consultant for the Administration of Justice in the Courts of Teramo and Ascoli Piceno.