Head of Programming, Support and Commercial Development at Tiscali, European VP of Sales at D-EYE, Italian-American start-up company active in the field of Digital Health.
He has held the following positions: Executive Advisor of Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, Incubator of BlueHub creative ideas and social enterprises; Founder & Chairman of I2oT, start-up company in the Internet Of Things market; Chief Operating Officer of INVENTIA, start-up in the field of Video Digital Retailing systems, Wholesale and Enterprise Services Administrator ARIA services, SVP Customer Operations of SEAT PAGINE GIALLE;  SVP Customer Operations of TELECOM ITALIA Domestic Mobile Service; Senior Vice President of TELECOM ITALIA Sales – Residential Clients, Payphone and Radio Maritime Services of TELECOM ITALIA Domestic Wireline, Business Integration and Control Director of TELECOM ITALIA Domestic Wireline; Sales Director of WIND; Sales Director of INFOSTRADA, Internet Marketing Director of INFOSTRADA, Chief Executive Officer of REDGATE OLIVETTI COMMUNICATIONS; Managing Director of IUNET; Business Development Director of OLIVETTI TELEMEDIA, OEM Marketing and Sales Manager Europe and North America for OLIVETTI Ivrea.

Has graduated in Political Science from LUISS University of Rome.