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The Course aims at giving a wide knowledge on the graftless treatment of the maxillary atrophy with zygomatic, nasal and pterygoid implants. 


The course is qualified as SCIENCE-EXPERIENCE for its technical-scientific and experiential characteristics.

UniCamillus divides the education courses – 1st and 2nd level Master’s Degree and High Specialization Courses – in the following classes:

– SCIENCE: programs characterized mainly by a technical and scientific approach.

– PLUS: programs characterized by a wide approach, with managerial insights and courses outside the medical and surgical field.

– EXPERIENCE: the aforementioned courses with deep and specific practical activities (i.e., training) to be carried out in specialized organizations


Course starting date: October 2021

Courses headquarters:

– UniCamillus, Rome;

– ICLO , Verona;

– Jdental Care center courses, Modena;

Final Certification of the Course and ECTS:  The Qualification of High specialization course in “Zygomatic Implantology” will be conferred to those who will have complete the formative course with the release of 5 ECTS.

Duration: The course is divided into five monthly sessions of eight hours each, made of a series of theoretical lectures which will set the bases for the diagnosis, the treatment plane and the execution of the most advanced techniques of zygomatic implantology. The practical part of the course will be enriched by intraoperative videos both for the surgery and prosthetic part, in order to provide clear information to the professionals about all the operative clinical passages.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for at least the 75% of the whole hours of the course. For lectures and workshops five sessions of one day of duration are required.

Available places: In order to initiate the course the minimum number of registration has to be 10. Below the threshold UniCamillus will decide unilaterally not to initiate the course (the registration fees that have been paid will be refunded).



The Program


1st module:

– Course presentation;

– Maxillary atrophy: classification of edentulous;

– Management of severely atrophic patient;

– Anatomy of the facial district, the nasal sinus region, the oral cavity, the pterygoid and zygomatic region;

– Zygomatic implants: description, indication and contraindication;

– Scientific literature review on zygomatic implants from its beginning up to now.

2nd Module:

– Surgical rehabilitation alternatives to zygomatic implantology;

– Trans-sinus implants;

– Pterygoid implants;

– Pre-operation assessments to the zygomatic implantology;

– Diagnosis and instrumental exams: Tc Cone beam;

– Stereolitographic model usage;

– Anesthesia for the zygomatic surgery;

– Uploaded pharmacological protocols for intraoperative and postoperative patients management;

– Current guidelines of Forensic odontostomatology in zygomatic implantology;

3rd Module:

– Intra-sinus and extra-sinus technique;

– Surgery procedures: access flaps in zygomatic implant surgery;

– Identification and isolation of risk zones: nasal cavity, infraorbital nerve and zygomatic area skeletalization;

– Hybrid Zygoma and QUAD;

– Instrumentation’s description;

– Clinical cases and videos;

– Prevention and management of complications;

– Practice/training on models;

4th Module:

– Computer-guided technique in maxillary atrophy rehabilitation with zygomatic implants;

– Prosthetic aspects in full arch reconstruction sustained by zygomatic implants;

5th Module:

– Training day with anatomical dissection on cadaver and insertion of zygomatic implants at ICLO Verona;

6th Module:

– Live surgery on patient: it will be possible to follow a complete surgery with zygomatic implants insertion, impression taking and prosthetic finalization;

Academic Staff

Course Director: Prof. Luca Signorini


– Enrico Andreoli

– Andrea Borgonovo

– Guerino Caso

– Matteo Giorgi

– Tommaso Grandi

– Alessandro Grecchi

– Cesare Paoleschi

– Roberto Pistilli

– Leone Rigo

– Luca Signorini

– James Tollardo

Admission requirements and selection modality

The course is open to those who own the legal title for the exercise of Dentistry and Oral Surgery and more specifically:

– Medicine and Surgery degree with a Master’s degree in Dentistry;

– Medicine and Surgery degree before 1900 and enrolled at the Register of dentists;

– Dentistry and Dental prosthesis degree;

– Medicine and Surgery degree with a Master’s degree in Maxillofacial surgery;

 May also apply:

– The candidates whose degree is equivalent to the aforementioned achieved according to the previous academic system;

– The candidates with an academic qualification obtained abroad which is equivalent in duration and content to the aforementioned;


UniCamillus University reserves the right to admit candidates with different titles but related to the Masters’ study plan upon presentation of a motivational letter in support of their application.

The foreign academic qualification will have to be accompanied by an official Italian translation, legalization and declaration of value edited by the Italian diplomatic representations in the country where the title was obtained.

The aforementioned requirements must be possessed on the expiry date of the deadline for the submission of applications for enrollment in the Course.

In absence of the prescribed requirements, the Registrar’s office may dispose the exclusion from the course in any time and with reasoned decision.

Modality and terms for the submission of application

The application must be sent signed and written on plain paper, as well as written in a clear and legible way, using the form available on the website, by September the 15th 2021:


– Hand delivered to the University (opening hours 9:00 am – 13:00 pm from Monday to Friday);


– By sending a registered, return-receipt letter, to the following address: Scuola post-laurea – UniCamillus University – Via di Sant’Alessandro 8 – 00131 Rome;


– By sending a certified mail to the following address: postlaurea.unicamillus@pec.it (please specify the Master’s degree to which one is applying in the subject of the email);



The application has to be accompanied by the following documents:


– European model resume with date and sign;

– Valid ID copy;

– Degree certificate copy;

– Any other certificates to submit to the evaluation for the admission;

– Declaration of having taken sight of the policy for the treatment of personal data in accordance with the articles n. 13 and 14 of the EU Settlement 2016/679 on “the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” (followed by “GDPR”) provided by UniCamillus.;

– Fiscal code copy or health insurance card copy (both for Italian citizens and for foreigners who have it);

– The candidates who have obtained a qualification abroad will have to present the “Declaration of studies abroad” (using the form available on the website); Within two months from the beginning of the lectures, the candidates will have to bring to the Registrar’s office – under penalty of exclusion from selection – the original official translation into Italian of the qualification accompanied by legalization and Declaration of Value released by the Italian Embassy or the Italian General Consulate responsible in the territory of the Country where the qualification has been produced.

Registrations that lack of documentation or wrong data transcription on the application model won’t be accepted.



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registration model

Privacy Policy

Foreign studies statement



The participation fee amounts to €2.900 + Euro 50,00 as administration fee* payable in 2 installments as it follows:

– First installment: €1.600 + Euro 50,00 as administration fee within the deadline scheduled for the registration, that will be communicated by UniCamillus together with the notification of admission to the course;

– Second installment: € 1.300 within April the 30th  2022;

The missing payment of the installments within the scheduled deadline implies the impossibility for the student to attend lectures, the non-admission to the final exam and non-achievement of the degree. The interruption for any reason of the attendance of lessons and teaching activities by the learner does not relieve the obligation to pay the remaining installments.

The student has the right to withdrawal within 14 days from the payment of the first installment by sending – within the aforementioned deadlines – a certified email to postlaurea.unicamillus@pec.it.

In this case the refund will be made within 30 days from the communication of the student of the right to withdrawal and it will be withhold the 10% of the amount paid as a penalty.

The activation of the Course is subject to the achievement of a minimum number of 10 registrations. In the case of the course doesn’t start due to failure to reach the minimum number, the University will refund the entire amount paid, without withholding anything as a penalty.

* The payment of the registration fees is outside the VAT range in according with the Art. 4 of Presidential Decree 633/72, being part of the University’s institutional training offer. Once payment has been made a note will be issued, which will be valid as proof of the payment.

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