Vaccines and monoclonal, new weapons against Covid to Spallanzani’s study

National Institute of Infectious Disease Spallanzani of Rome continues to be one of the reference centres for the study and the care of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, when the new virus was seen in the manner of a flu with stronger symptomps.

The team led by Doctor Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, UniCamillus professor, isolated and sequenced the Sars-Cov-2 in early February 2020, and allowed to better understand the “new enemy”.

Today, at a distance of a year, Spallanzani remains at the forefront in the fight against Covid focusing both on the study on vaccines and treatments with monoclonal antibodies.

In the past few days, Francesco Vaia, the Director of Spallanzani, during the Italo-Russian roundtable, dedicated to the vaccine Sputnik, announced the intention to sign a “memorandum of understanding with the Gamaleya centre of Mosca, who has developed the Sputnik V, to exchange biological and of researchers material” for the study and the experimentation of the Russian preparation.

Vaia explained that the purpose of the work is to understand whether this vaccine can be able to produce antibodies to the English, Brasilian and South African variants of the coronavirus, that have widely been sequenced and studied by Italian researchers.

Another study hypotheses is to ivestigate whether the Sputnik can be a viable option to vaccine who, in particular population groups, has a minor immune response.

“We want to collect data of clinical trial on Sputnik V not only in the coming months – Daria Egorova, Gamaleya centre researcher, explains – but also in the coming years”

We have to explore the possibility of a combination of vaccines and monitor that these remains effectives”, she has pointed out.

Mosca, as the Russian Ambassador in Rome has reaffirmed, “is open to all forms of cooperation” with Italy, and the Federation “is ready to whatever it takes: to provide the vaccines, to organize the production on the Italian soil, to develop research” on a drug whose “effectiveness has been recognized worldwide”.

The Institute is moving not only on the front of vaccines: the immunization is accompanied by the study of treatments with monoclonal antibodies indeed.  

A notice of the Institute announced that specialists are ready ”to start with the administration of the monoclonal antibodies anti Sars-Cov-2 following the Salute-Aifa-Regione Lazio programme”.

These drugs “will be given to people with a diagnosis of Covid-19 at an early stage who do not require to be hospitalized, but with particular conditions of an increased risk of clinical worsening”. Patients will be identified by E.R. doctors and by concierge doctors and send to the territorially closest administration centre.

The intravenous administration in a 60-minutes infusion, will take place in one of the 16 stations made available by the Institute.   

Vaccine and monoclonal become so “strategic weapons to overcome the “coward” virus” added to them is “a third weapon: our strenght”.

Vaia calls for actions to face “with courage and determination this current phase gaining ever more spaces of sociality that will fortify us and will make our Nation strong and ready for the Enemy”.