UniCamillus On-Line: distance learning for University students

Following the new Dpcm for the containment of the Covid-19 virus throughout the country, UniCamillus has suspended all lectures.

Therefore, UniCamillus On-Line is inaugurated through the entirely self-designed UniCamillus WebApp platform capable of streaming the all lessons scheduled in the 2nd semester of the AAA. 2019/20.

A simple Internet connection is sufficient to access the WebApp. Each learner has been provided with the appropriate credentials to access their profile, view the educational calendar and attend online lessons.

The system registers attendance and didactic activities ensuring, with the least possible inconvenience, the continuity of the courses for the Master of Science in Medicine and Surgery and the three-year Degree Courses in Healthcare Professions.

Thanks to the online delivery of the disciplines in e-learning mode, the dual objective is pursued, simultaneously, to limit contacts between students and offer services to all learners who, with the program created by UniCamillus, will be able to follow lessons and at the same time send requests for clarifications and ask questions to the teachers through a synchronous process of electronic “show of hands”.

There is no change in the teaching calendar and the students must also wait for the indications established by the Professors. The only variation is the type of presence no longer in the classroom but remotely.

The University, which has already started to launch UniCamillus On-Line since the first cases of pathogen positivity recorded in Northern Italy, thus ensures that all students can continue their studies without interruption.

An essential goal achieved by the University thanks to its entire responsible community.