UniCamillus Management Academy


UniCamillus Management Academy

Higher Education and Research Academy

UMA forms a new “generation” of Leaders and Managers inspired by high ethical and social values, capable of acquiring new innovative and technological skills and aware of the inalienable priorities relating to the sustainability of life and environmental resources.

UMA promotes the integration of young people and adults into the labor market by promoting their employability and continuous updating.

The UMA Management is curated by Prof. Mario D’Ambrosio 


Dynamic, creative and decisive ability to meet and anticipate the new and diversified needs of its stakeholders, in a fluid and highly complex working context. Mindset, organizational setting and skills ready to grasp the signals of the context and transform them into training and planning offer to create value and quality. In UMA, 'putting the person at the center' is interpreted in its most genuine sense, authentically having young people and their future at heart with the aim of effectively affecting their career paths, by creating life opportunities. Flexiblity in UMA also means constant verification of the quality level of the offer, the social and economic impacts and the satisfaction of stakeholders.


Training experience offered by the technology of the latest and future generation (AR, VR, Metaverse), supported by a team of technology partners of excellence. The UMA educational offer provides skills and knowledge related to digital culture, data management (data literacy) and decision-making strategies based on high complexity scenarios requiring an innovative thinking approach (digital mindset) and appropriate leadership. UMA is an authoritative Reference Centre for Study and Research for the identification organizational, working and training models and solutions that are highly innovative and efficient. UMA is also a qualified interlocutor for the Institutions of the public and private productive system.


Social is a Value at the heart of UniCamillus mission, since it believes in training as a life opportunity for all. For UMA, Social commitment means an educational, training, planning and research offer aimed at young and adult people who are weak or disadvantaged due to socio-economic, political and family conditions. The Social area is the driving force of digital culture in the awareness that digital education is an opportunity for social inclusion and empowerment of the person. Inclusion, Environment and Sustainability are, for UMA, essential drivers of its actions.


Involvement of non-EU and EU young people, characterized by humanitarian, scientific and professional interest in organizational, work, social and developing country issues. UMA favors the comparison of ideas and models from productive realities and scientific contexts from all over the world and develops projects and research activities in a horizon of national and international partnership of high competence and prestige.

Distinctive features constituting the essence of the Academy are:

a) the presence of a Faculty integrated by highly qualified Professors and company Managers with great experience and innovative skills, Directors of Bodies and Institutions as well as well-known Professionals
b) the offer of training proposals designed to achieve the desired result
c) operational verifications of learning
d) the factual and experiential knowledge of the training provided. The provision of UMA training activities will take place according to face-to-face, remote or blended methods.

UMA system: characterizing areas

Institutions Area

Public and Private Organizational Systems: Third Sector and world of International and Multinational realities

Healthcare Area

Health – represents the specific vocation of UniCamillus University

Social Impact Area

Social responsability:
Digital inclusion of weak or disadvantaged people due to socio-economic, political and family conditions; ‘Digital culture’ aimed at empowering the Person through new technologies