Today’s professional figure of the Physiotherapist curated by Alessandra Carlizza, Director of the Degree Course in Physiotherapy at UniCamillus

As specified in the professional profile, the Physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who works both in coordination with the Doctor and the other health professions, and autonomously, by evaluating and treating the disfunctions of the motor areas, higher cortical and visceral functions,  consequent to pathological events of various etiology, both congenital or acquired. 

Furthermore, the Physiotherapist develops, even in a multidisciplinary team, the rehabilitation program aimed at the identification and overcoming of the sanitary needs of the disabled patient, by implementing physical, manual, massotherapeutic and occupational therapies. 

In recognition of the importance of this healthcare professional figure, with the law n. 3 in 2018 it has been created the Register of Physiotherapists, one of the 19 Registers of Healthcare Professions established by the Ministerial Decree of March 13th 2018 within the Order of Healthcare Specialists in Medical Radiology and Technical, Rehabilitation and Prevention Healthcare Professions. 

The spread of this profession is so great that, today, the number of members has exceeded the threshold value of 50001 units, and this will allow to proceed with the creation of an individual Professional Register. 

Even during the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, physiotherapy assumed a fundamental role for hospitalized patients affected from COVID-19.

One of the specialties of the Physiotherapist is the treatment of respiratory pathologies. In coordination with doctors and nurses, the physiotherapist addresses the management of the non- invasive ventilation and of the oxygen therapy, but they also monitor fundamental parameters (cardio-respiratory and neurological), during the patient’s correct positioning and the treatment of respiratory disfunctions.

The sanitary emergency we are currently living has also brought to the creation of a Work Group made up of Pulmonologists and Physiotherapists (AIPO-ITS, SIP/IRS, AIFI, ARIR) aimed at the drafting on new protocols and recommendations shared by the scientific community, in order to guarantee evaluative approaches and specialized non-pharmaceutical therapeutic intervention for treating and managing short-, medium-, and long-term residual complications caused by the Sars- CoV-2 infection. 

Alessandra Carlizza is the Director of the Degree Course in Physiotherapy at UniCamillus. 

This Degree Course, lasting three years, is completely taught in English thus providing the dissemination of various didactic instruments and support programmes aimed at helping students grow in their command of the language until reaching the necessary level needed to put their degree into action in many Countries of the World. 

The university is in fact characterized by a world-class didactic program aimed at training healthcare professionals who can operate internationally, so as to meet the health requirements of under-developed territories. 

The registration for the admission test for the 3-year Degree Course in Physiotherapy expires on September 28th, and the test will take place on October 1st. 

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