The professional figure of the Biomedical Laboratory Medical Technician at the present day

edited by Fabbio Marcuccilli, Professor of Technical Sciences of Laboratory Medicine at UniCamillus

The “Biomedical Laboratory Techniques” graduate is called Biomedical Laboratory Medical Technician, recognized by the M.D n ° 745 of 1994 which identified him as a figure in charge of carrying out laboratory tests in collaboration with other figures. The law of March 13, 2018 establishes that for the practice of this profession it is mandatory to be member of the new order of Health Professions (TSRM-PSTRP) and anyone who practices by omitting the membership is punishable by law, as abuse of the profession.

With the achievement of the three-year degree it is possible to work both in public structures through competitions or in private structures. The Biomedical Laboratory Technician is the material performer of the analyzes in a biological sample (blood, surgical piece, urine, sputum, effusions, etc.) or of the experiment in a scientific research, and is also responsible for the relative technical validation of the analysis, as well as the result produced.

Specifically, it carries out laboratory analysis and research activities relating to biomedical, biotechnological and in particular biochemistry, microbiology, parasitology and virology, pharmaco-toxicology, immunology, clinical pathology, hematology, immunohematology, molecular biology, cytology and histopathology analyzes. This figure guarantees the analytical result to the clinician who will be able to make accurate diagnoses (remembering that 70% of clinical decisions derive from the results produced by laboratory medicine) in the correct therapeutic setting, in the correct monitoring and in establishing the end of treatment.

In recent years as a result of technological evolution, the Biomedical Laboratory Technician has also achieved fundamental importance in precision or personalized medicine, in forensic medicine and preventive medicine, areas that require highly qualified and specialist staff. A current example is the Covid19 emergency, where the Biomedical Laboratory Technicians are the actors who have carried out and will carry out the molecular and serological surveys. In addition, he is responsible for the maintenance and quality control of the various laboratory equipment. After obtaining the three-year qualification, it is possible to access master’s degrees, advanced master courses, specialization schools and PhD.

This three-year degree course at UniCamillus is taught entirely in Italian. However, it is also attended by foreign students as the dissemination of various teaching tools and support programs is guaranteed to help learners grow in their language fluency until they reach the level necessary to choose to take advantage of their degree in most countries of the world.

The University is characterized by an excellent educational program also aimed at preparing health professionals capable of operating with an international scope to respond to the health needs of less developed areas.

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