The number of infected is decreasing: the “White Zone” is close

32 infected out of 100.000 people and a RT of 0.68: with these numbers the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) pictures the steadily decreasing number of cases of Covid-19 on a weekly basis. These numbers may lead all the Italian regions to a lower risk for viral transmission, numbers that constitute a “type 1 scenario”. 

In the meantime, “there is no Region or Autonomous Province which crosses a critical threshold of bed places’ occupation in intensive care or medical area – the ISS communicates in the weekly report – The occupation rate of intensive care is below the critical threshold (12%) with a decrease in the number of people hospitalized which went from 1.323 (on May 25) to 1.033 (on May 31)”. 

The occupation of the medical area is decreasing too, and it now stands at 11%: “the number of people hospitalized in this area went from 8.577 (on May 25) to 6.482 (on May 31)”. Encouraging numbers that, if crossed with the number of the vaccination campaign, present the best picture of the journey that our country has started in order to get out of the acute phase of the pandemic. 

Until today, the total number of injections is 36.392.761, of which 12.562.464 (the 23.16% of population over the age of 12) people have completed the vaccination course. 

The trend of injections remains constant and it’s increasing: the goal of the special Covid emergency Commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, is to avoid that the closing summer period slows down the vaccination campaign and that Italian people miss the second injection.  

For this reason, the Commissioner asked the regions to offer flexible solutions for the booking of vaccination “which allow the citizens to schedule the vaccination day while choosing the first injection date” 

This choice has been adopted in order to “find the best date for the second injection and enable people to reschedule the appointment in a range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks”. 

“To offer flexibility means that via a toll-free number – says Figliuolo – or online it is possible to change the date. I think that this is achievable, within the technical times required for the computer systems to adjust” 

To the attention of the Commissioner, the vaccination with a second “heterologous” injection too. “From a scientific point of view there are studies, even at an advanced stage, that must be furtherly confirmed”, explained Figliuolo. 

Basically, after an injection of a particular type of vaccination may follow a second one of a different type, maybe available in a higher number at that point in time. This is a solution that seems to give a “positive immunologic response”. Right now, we only need to wait for the experts’ report about it.