The Green Pass becomes mandatory for schools and universities

The Green Pass for accessing to public establishments became mandatory on Friday 6 August. The official certificate, adopted by the Government to verify the vaccination status, the result of the Covid test, or the remission from Covid, will be mandatory to go to lunch and dinner in indoor restaurants and bars, to attend gyms and swimming pools, for attending shows and also to participate in events.

However, the executive has decided to extend the use of the certificate both for passengers on long-distance planes or trains, and, from the 1st of September, for all professors and university students.

The official press release of the Government, released after the decision of the Council of Ministers, clearly indicates the terms of the application of the Green Pass for schools and universities.

“For the academic year 2021-2022, the teaching activities of kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and for universities, will be carried out in the presence” states Palazzo Chigi, reaffirming the minimum safety lines to access public facilities: in addition to the prohibition of access for subjects with respiratory symptoms or body temperature over 37.5 °C, there is an “obligation to use respiratory protection devices, except for children under the age of six, for those with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask, and for those engaged in sports” with vaccination or recovery exemptions.

Therefore, in addiction, the extension of the certification requirements: all school and university staff and students, “who may be subjected to a series of random checks”, must have the green pass. “Failure to comply with the requirement is considered unjustified absence and starting from the fifth day of absence, the employment relationship is suspended and no salary or other compensation is due”.

“We want – declared the Minister of MUR Maria Cristina Messa at the press conference – that the return to the classrooms, laboratories, libraries of universities and institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training is granted for everyone – students, researchers, professors, technical and administrative staff – and that it is as safe as possible, always providing safeguards for the most vulnerable students who may not be able to participate in the presence”. “Once again the university is leading the way in an important civic action thanks to its entire community, from professors to students. I am sure they will once again set a great example and will be the real engine of the recovery”, concluded the minister.