The experience of Coronavirus requires us to start again by putting environmental, human and animal health first.

Appeal to the Presidents of the permanent Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate of the Republic.

Marevivo, Accademia Kronos, CETRI-TIRES, CoMISMA, , Fise Unicircular , Fondazione Symbola, Fondazione Univerde, Greenpeace, Italia Nostra, Kyoto Club, LAV, Legambiente, Lipu-Birdlife Italia, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli, Università UniCamillus, WWF Italia, ask that the Commissions resume their work with the utmost urgency.

Rome, April 7th, 2020 – We ask that the Parliamentary Commissions resume work, even by resorting to remote activities, as many companies and institutions in the country are doing, including those of Education and University, which in this way allow all of us to have essential goods and services.

The country must start in the right way, realizing the sustainability set out in the programs of the national and European governments (the Green Deal) for the prosperity of companies and the country, putting environmental and human health first, as a prerequisite for healthy economic development. The system of Italian “green” companies, leaders at European level, is ready to make its contribution to these desirable political choices.

This is the time to trigger a new beginning that respects the environment, human and animal health.

“We’ve been deluding ourselves we can be healthy in a sick world” these are the words of a great man of our time, Pope Francis. It is necessary to rethink the priorities to be faced and redesign, with appropriate laws and political choices, a healthier and more sustainable production and consumption system. The paradigms of the past have failed, others must be drawn.

With due precautions for the health of Members and those who work with them, we ask that the Commissions continue their course: it is essential that the beating heart of democracy in our country does not stop!

The pandemic claims a huge number of victims in overpopulated and polluted areas, such as the regions of northern Italy, China, India and now New York, all characterized by high pollution rates. It is proven that air pollution is a risk factor in respiratory diseases and it is difficult to think that it is only a coincidence when the greatest number of deaths from this pandemic is in areas where even in ordinary periods everything must stop periodically to air pollution.

The health emergency must make us reflect on how much the alteration of ecosystems and the removal of natural habitats from wild species can favor the spread of previously unknown pathogens.

For the good and health of all humanity, therefore, the laws that can face the environmental emergency, now planetary and no longer negligible, must be taken up with the utmost urgency. Laws on Climate Change, the Circular Economy and the defense of biodiversity in terrestrial and marine habitats must be approved. These are issues which must be brought to the attention of Parliamentarians and await a very urgent response.

We hope that this appeal by environmentalists and citizens, based on what the scientific community preached, will be heard and that our representatives in Parliament will work again with even more effort to give right answers to these emergencies that are no longer extendable and therefore allow the prosperity of the human species on Earth.


Appeal Signatories

Marevivo – Rosalba Giugni, President
Accademia Kronos – Franco Floris, President
CETRI-TIRES Circolo Europeo Per la Terza Rivoluzione Industriale – Angelo Consoli, President
CoNISMA – Antonio Mazzola, President
Fise Unicircular – Andrea Fluttero, President
Fondazione Symbola – Ermete Realacci, President
Fondazione Univerde – Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, President
Greenpeace Italia – Direttore Esecutivo Giuseppe Onufrio
Italia Nostra – Ebe Giacometti, President
Kyoto Club – Catia Bastioli, President
LAV – Gianluca Felicetti, President
Legambiente – Stefano Ciafani, President
LipuBirdlife Italia – Aldo Verner, President
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn – Roberto Danovaro, President
Università UniCamillus – Gianni Profita, Rector
WWF Italia – Donatella Bianchi, President

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