The Environment as an indispensable part in the Phase 2 Task Force of experts

Appeal to the President of the Council of Ministers

Marevivo, Kronos Academy, CETRI-TIRES, CoMISMA, Symbola Foundation, Univerde Foundation, Greenpeace, Italia Nostra, LAV, LIPU, Pronatura, Sorella Natura, The Jane Goodall Institute Italy, UniCamillus University, with a letter to the President Conte, request that there are environmental experts in the Task Force of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and claim specific, greater attention to environmental issues, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

Sustainability is based on three spheres: environmental, social, economic.
The laws of the environmental sphere also govern the other two spheres, because without the environment the existence of society and economy is impossible.
The laws of the social sphere also govern the economic sphere, while the laws of the economic sphere are solely relevant to the economy.

For the letter signatories the laws of the economy have so far prevailed over the social and environmental ones and the price we are paying for this distortion of priorities is before our eyes, from climate changes to pandemics.

Now the composition of the government’s Task Force for restarting repeats the pattern of the past, with a large group of experts from the economic and social spheres: the environment is absent.

The restart should revise priorities and direct efforts to design new production and consumption systems. Emergency legislation must also take into account the environmental sustainability objectives decided by the UN and Europe as well as the commitments on the Green deal also announced by our government.

Appeal Signatories

Marevivo, President Rosalba Giugni
Accademia Kronos, President Franco Floris
CE CETRI-TIRES, President Angelo Consoli
CoNISMA, President Antonio Mazzola
Fondazione Symbola, President Ermete Realacci
Fondazione Univerde, President Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio
Greenpeace Italia, Direttore Esecutivo Giuseppe Onufrio
Italia Nostra, President Ebe Giacometti
LAV, President Gianluca Felicetti
LIPU, President Aldo Verner
Pronatura, President Mauro Furlani
Sorella Natura, President Roberto Leoni
The Jane Goodall Institute Italia, President Daniela De Donno
Università UniCamillus, Rector Gianni Profita

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