Second Level Online Master’s Degre

Teen treatment with transparent aligners
[COD. ME2008]



Type of Certification

First Level Online
Academic Master’s Degree
60 CFU

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Teen treatment with transparent aligners

Everything you need to know to get a predictable result

All Master classes are delivered online, available 24/7, hence it will be possible to follow them at any time and place, as long as an internet connection is present. Those who achieve the Second Level Master’s Degree will acquire clinical and managerial skills by becoming experts in the management and resolution of all types of malocclusion with aligners in adolescents and growing-up patients.

It will be possible to register for the Master each year in January and July.

The Master will be only activated upon reaching a minimum number of 20 members. There is no upper limit to the number of enrolled students.

Scientific Didactic Council and Collaborations

The Scientific Didactic Master Council is made up of a Board of professors with proven experience in the field. The Master is coordinated by Professor Paola Cozza, who is the Director of the School of Specialization in Orthodontics, established in Tor Vergata, the first academic Master in Italy on orthodontic therapy with aligners. Moreover, board members are Dr. Roberta Lione, an orthodontist who obtained the title of Specialist at the University of Tor Vergata and author of numerous publications in the orthodontic field; Dr. Chiara Pavoni, a specialist in Orthodontics, who holds a PhD degree and is the author of numerous publications in the field, and Prof. Aldo Giancotti, a former researcher in Orthodontics at the Tor Vergata University. Each Board member will teach their specific subject and will be available to students for clarification and/or suggestions.

The Board members will be assisted, for carrying out the program, by professors expert in clinical research from UniCamillus, Tor Vergata, SIDO (Italian Society of Orthodontics).


The Master aims to train highly qualified orthodontists in the design, management and monitoring of orthodontic treatment with aligners, providing basic and specialized knowledge related to all aspects of therapy in adolescents and growing-up patients.


Registrations can be made in January and July. The duration of the Master’s program is one year from enrollment and the deadline for submitting the thesis will be discussed with the members of the Didactic Council.

Lessons will be delivered in e-learning mode; students will have handouts and multiple choice self-assessment questionnaires available. At the end of each course, students will have to take online exams before proceeding to the next course.

Areas of teaching

The Master takes place online and is divided into 6 modules with a final exam each. It is necessary to pass all modules to obtain the Master’s Degree.
The modules are as follows:

1. Introduction to treatment with aligners
– The digital “workflow”
– How the digital has changed the therapeutic approach in orthodontics
– The use of the intra-oral scanners as a clinical and communication tool with the patient
– Collection of diagnostic records

2. Basic strategies for treatment with aligners in growing-up patients
– Principles of diagnosis
– Correct framing of clinical cases
– Biomechanics of the aligner
– The “clincheck” as a tool for visualizing the treatment plan

3. Know and manage the trade-in phases
– The development of the dentition
– Dentoalveolar problems
– How to manage the space in the arch
– The ideal treatment timing

4. Effective and repeatable therapeutic protocols: part 1
– The importance of controlling the transverse dimension
– Arch development and bone remodeling
– How to manage the open bite and rotation of the occlusal plane

5. Effective and repeatable therapeutic protocols: part 2
– How to resolve Class II malocclusion
– The protocol of distalization
– How to manage mandibular advancement with aligners

6. The combined treatment in complex cases
– The strengths of interceptive therapy
– The sequence of movements and the reasoned choice of the treatment phases
– Clinical research

After passing each module and before the thesis, students will be able to obtain the GCP E6 R2 certification.

The achievement of the Master leads to the acquisition of 60 CFUs equal to 1500 hours of learning work.

Job opportunities

The Master “Teen treatment with transparent aligners: everything you need to know to obtain a predictable result” promises numerous professional advantages.
Graduates in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics will be able to:
1. improve their management and interpersonal skills
2. acquire skills in the use of digital tools such as intraoral scanners
3. increase knowledge about the patient in developmental age
4. implement the therapeutic offer in their daily practice
5. offer specialist orthodontic consultations

Admission requirements

The admission requirement is the possession of:
– a Specialist / Master’s Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics or
– Degree of the old Italian system in Medicine and Surgery with the registration in the Register of Physicians and Surgeons and annotation of the title of Specialization in Dentistry or
– Registration in the Register of Dentists pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 5 of Law n. 409/85.


The tuition cost is €4500, payable in two installments.

At least 20 students will be required to activate the Master and for this reason we invite you to complete the pre-registration which, however, is not conditioning. Once the necessary number of interested parties has been reached, the admission notice with deadlines will be announced.

*The payment of the registration fees is not subject to the application of VAT pursuant to Art. 4 DPR 633/72, as it is part of the University’s institutional training offer.

Upon payment, a note attesting the payment will be issued.

Teaching Language: Italian


Professor Paola Cozza

Board Members:

Professor Aldo Giancotti, Doctor Roberta Lione and Doctor Chiara Pavoni


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