Second Level Master’s Degree

Straight wire technique according to the philosophy's treatment of doctors McLaughlin and Bennett




Second level
Academic Master
60 CFU


The Master will be activated
by achieving
the minimum number of
15 members.

Fill out the
pre-enrollment form
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The theoretical lessons of the Master will be delivered in the e-learning mode, open 24h, so it will be possible to follow them at any moment and place, as long as it is provided with an Internet connection.

The hands on practical lessons will take place on site at the Orthofamily clinic located in Rome.

Those who will achieve the title of the second level professional Master will acquire clinical and diagnostic skills, and will become experts on the management and resolution of all kinds of malocclusion. The course aims to provide the basic elements in order to determine the diagnosis and the planning of orthodontic treatment according to the philosophy’s treatment of doctors Richard McLaughin and John Bennett.

The registrations for each course year can be done in January and in July.

The minimum number of enrolled members to activate the Master is 15. There is no upper limit to the number of enrolled members.

Scientific didactic Council and collaborations

The Scientific Didactic Council of the Master is formed by a Board of professors with proven experience in the field, coordinated from the professor Paola Cozza, Director of Specialization School in Ortognatodonzia. Members of the Board are Doctor Roberta Lione, orthodontist who achieved the title of Specialist at Tor Vergata University and author of numerous publications in the orthodontic field; Doctor Daniele Cantarella, ortognatodonzia specialist who achieved the Science in Oral Biology Master at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Each Board’s member will handle his specific area and he will be at the disposal of the students for any clarification and suggestion.

As regards the implementation of the programme, the Board’s members will be supported by UniCamillus, Tor Vergata and SIDO (Società italiana di Ortodonzia) professors expert in clinical research.


The purpose is to teach a diagnosis and planning method of the treatment and a standardized orthodontic therapy which is easily repeatable in everyday clinical practice. The Master has an extremely practical style; many hours will be dedicated to the hands on part so that the learner can right away apply in the everyday clinical activity the concepts learned during the course.


The registrations for each course year can be done in January and in July. The course lasts one year starting with the enrollment and it is the period within which the thesis must be submitted, the thesis will be discussed with the members of the didactic Council.

The theoretical lessons will be delivered in the online mode; students will have handouts, bibliography and multiple choice self-assessment questionnaires at their disposal. At the end of each teaching course student must take online exams before proceeding to the next course.


The Master is divided into 6 theoretical modules that will take place on line, and 2 practical modules that will take place on site at the Orthofamily clinical, each module provides for a final exam. It is necessary to pass every module in order to achieve the Master qualification. The modules are the following:

1. The orthodontic treatment diagnosis and planning
The first visit of the patient
The X-ray examination
The regular occlusion
The orthodontic treatment planning

2. The intra-arch mechanics
The positioning of the brackets
The class I malocclusion
The intra-arch mechanics

3. The inter-arch mechanics and the correction of the Class II malocclusion
The Class II malocclusion diagnosis
The therapy in the growing up patient
The Class II functional braces
The distalization of the upper arch
The extractive treatment in second classes

4. The cross-cutting problems
The cross bite diagnosis
The therapy of the growing up patient
Orthopedic surgery
The adult’s treatment
The expansion on miniscrews

5. The correction of Class III malocclusion and vertical problems
Class III malocclusion diagnosis
Therapy of the growing up patient
Therapy in the adult
Open Bite
Deep Bite

6. Dental anomalies, the asymmetries and the contention
Impacted fangs: diagnosis and treatment
Impacted front teeth: diagnosis and treatment
Differential diagnosis of the asymmetries
Contention protocols and the related braces

7. Hand on 1
Intraoral and extraoral photos execution
Cephalometric analysis execution
VTO dental execution
Indirect bonding
Direct bonding
Positioning of Laceback, passive and active Tieback, Bendback on typodont

8. Hand on 2
Clinical cases’ discussion with students
Execution of first-order folds on the archwires
Execution of second-order folds on the archwires
Execution of third-order folds on the archwires

Once all the modules have been passed, before submitting their final dissertation students must take the GCP E6 R2 Certification. 60 CFU are granted at the end of the Master, for the amount of 1500 hours of teaching time.


The Master Degree “Straight Wire Technique according to the Philosophy’s Treatment of Drs. McLaughlin and Bennett” offers several professional advantages.
Graduates in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics will be able to:
1. improve their management and interpersonal skills
2. acquire skills in the use of digital tools in order to manage an orthodontic treatment from start to finish
3. increase knowledge about the patient in developmental age
4. implement the therapeutic offer in their daily practice
5. offer specialist orthodontic consultations


The Admission Requirement for the Academic Master is the possession of:
– a Master’s Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics or
– Degree of the old Italian system in Medicine and Surgery with the registration in the Register of Physicians and Surgeons and annotation of the title of Specialization in Dentistry pursuant to and for the purposes of Art.5 of Law n.409/85.


The tuition cost is 4000€, payable in two installments.
At least 15 participants will be required in order to activate the Master and for this reason we invite you to complete the pre-registration which, however, is not conditioning. Once the necessary number of interested parties has been reached, an official Call for Admission with deadline’s details will be published.

Language: Italian


Prof. Paola Cozza

Board’s members:

Doctor Roberta Lione

Doctor Daniele Cantarella


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