Single Courses


Students aiming at professional development, curricular integration and cultural enrichment can enrol to single courses in the three-year Degree Courses in the Health Professions and in the six-year Degree Courses in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics of UniCamillus, without being enrolled in the Degree Course itself, sitting the related exam and receiving a formal statement. The following categories of people can apply:

  • students enrolled in foreign universities;
  • students enrolled in other universities in the national territory, subject to the authorization of the University they are attending or in application of specific agreements;
  • those who are graduated or holding the required qualification for the enrolment in the University degree courses;
  • those who are graduated but not holding the curricular requirements for the admission to a master’s degree course, in order to integrate these requirements, as described by the admission call;
  • students enrolled in one of the UniCamillus degree courses. UniCamillus student can enroll for a maximum of two single courses of other UniCamillus Degree Courses. The successful completion of the related exams does not contribute to the achievement of the credits required for the achievement of the degree the student is enrolled in, and is not considered in the average grade, but it is added to the student’s career.

For students enrolled in foreign Universities the certificate attesting the qualification must be translated and legalized by the competent diplomatic or consular authorities.
For single courses belonging to degree courses in which compulsory attendance is required, this is also foreseen for single courses. The lessons of the courses take place in the presence of the University headquarters.


The following cathegories of students cannot enroll in the single courses of UniCamillus:

– students of this University enrolled in a bachelor or master’s degree course,

– the students of this University on a study interruption regime,

– Students of this University on suspension of studies.


Terms and deadlines for submitting applications

The application for admission to single courses (to be completed according to the attached form) must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the following dates:

– 30 September 2021 for courses scheduled in the first semester;

– 31 January 2022 for courses scheduled in the second semester.Upon expiry of the deadline for submission of the admission application, candidates will be contacted by the Registrar’s Office by e-mail for the communication of the outcome of the admission request and the related procedures.



Students enrolled in single courses take exams with the same modalities of the students enrolled in the study courses.

The dates of the exams are published on the University website.

The student enrolled in single courses can only take the exams provided for in the educational offer of the academic year in which they enrolled.

In order to take the exam, students must be in compliance with taxes and contributions.


Taxes and contributions 

The tuition fees for the single Course include:

  1. a contribution of 130.00 Euros for administrative fees;
  2. a contribution per academic credits (CFU) calculated on the basis of the yearly cost of the related Degree Course (the table showing tuition fees can be found in the website at the link (Tuition Fees Regulations for the a.y. 2021-2022) divided by 60 (CFU scheduled for each academic year).

Fees and contributions must be paid to the University by the dates indicated for enrollment in single courses.

The tuition fees are non-refundable unless the student is not admitted to attend the single course.

In case of renunciation, the amounts paid for enrolment in the single course will not be refunded under any circumstances.

For any information request, please contact the Student Administration Office by phone or by writing to