Dear student,

the Ministerial Decree of March 4th, 2020, which has prescribed the suspension of the didactic activities at university from March 5th until March 15th in order to face the Covid-19 emergency, allows for the “distance learning” modality. Therefore, UniCamillus is planning the launch of an online platform for attending the lessons; students will access via personal authentication. In this way, students will have the chance to carry on with their study programme.

We invite you to verify that the e-mail address and the phone number reported on the student portal (Gomp) are up-to-date and operating.

In fact, all future communications concerning the start of the online classes and other information will be sent to the address/number indicated therein. It is required that they are correct in order not to miss important communications by the University. 
Especially for the phone number, we remind you to give an Italian one and not to write the international Italian prefix (0039 or +39)

Please verify the situation as soon as possible, since the extraordinary measures of these days to deal with the health emergency make it necessary for the University to contact you already in the next hours. 

Thank you in advance for your collaboration