This is to remind to all students that the deadline for the coming instalment fee is January 31st, 2023, as provided for in the Tuition and Fees Regulation 2022/2023 related to the students who enrolled for the Academic Year 2022/2023 (enrolled to the first year or to years following the first after an incoming transfer or an internal change of the year).
Please note that the regularity of contributions is necessary to attend didactic lessons, internship activities and to take the exams. Administrative irregularities will result in the block of all didactic activities.

In order to acquire the payment through an automatic system of effective traceability, the University invites everyone to make the payment by using exclusively the methods available on the student’s portal. In fact the automatic procedure ensures the successful collection of the tuition fee, and allows the Registrar’s Office to verify in real time the administrative situation of the student. Other payment methods such as bank transfers will not be accepted.

The student is invited to pay what is due by the indicated deadline in order not to incur the penalties provided for late payment.

The payment must be made by accessing the student’s portal, in the section “Tuition and Fees”>”Payments”. Once the student will have selected the instalment whose deadline is January 31st, 2023 he/she will have to choose one of these two payment methods:

– clicking on the “PagoPA” button teh student will be redirected to the pagoPA website, where he/she can pay with the credti/debit card, via PayPal or via Satispay;


– clicking on the download button, the system will download a PDF file containing the CBILL payment notice and there will be the possibility to pay either via home banking (ask to the own bank institution) or in any bank office, post office, tobacco shop or any other licensed facility.

Should the student have any difficulty in proceeding with the payhe/she can contact the Registrar’s Office at the email address