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Academic Master
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The Master in Posturology offers an interdisciplinary training course to identify the different postural problems and the related disorders.

At the end of the Postgraduate Course, the learners will be able to carry out specific activities in the field of posture regarding diagnosis, prevention and therapy.


The purpose of the Online Master in Posturology is to train professional figures with a transversal knowledge of different disciplines, by promoting integrated training that crosses the branches of orthopedics, neurology, physiatry, physical education, physiotherapy, podiatry and dentistry.
The Master aims to train highly qualified professionals in the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of postural dysfunctions.
An in-depth study of these factors allows to learn the clinical posturology aimed at improving, consequently, the posture of a specific individual.


The lessons of the Online Master in Posturology will be delivered in e-learning mode; students will have handouts, bibliography and multiple choice self-assessment questionnaires at their disposal.
At the end of each teaching course, students must take online tests before proceeding to the next course.
University credits (CFU) are achieved by passing the final exam, as an assessment of the skills acquired during lessons which consists in writing and presenting a short paper.

The Master curriculum includes a mandatory internship in affiliated health facilities.


Purposes: to deepen the anatomical and physiological connections to identify correlations between behavioral, gestural and postural habits.

Purposes: to identify adequate diagnoses regarding the various anomalies of the patient’s posture.

Purposes: to learn the systematic study of the legal and moral dimensions for the treatment of patients suffering from postural alterations.

Purposes: to identify innovative therapies for the correction of postural errors and the prolonged maintenance of correct positions able to avoid the onset of further pathologies.


In order to register for the Online Master in Posturology candidates must have:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Sciences
• Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences
• Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Professions
• Single-cycle Master’s Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis
• Single-cycle Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery

The University reserves the right to admit candidates with different qualifications but related to the Master curriculum.


The application form must be submitted, signed and written on plain paper, as well as written in a clear and legible way, using the form available in the attachments section, in one of the following ways:

• by hand delivery to the University (opening hours from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00);
• by registered letter with return receipt to the address: Scuola post-laurea – UniCamillus University – Via di Sant’Alessandro 8 – 00131 Roma;
• by certified mail to the address:

The application form must specify the code of the Master in Clinical Posturology and the following documents must be attached:

• certification of the University degree or certified copy of the degree or, on a provisional basis, self-certification;
• photocopy of a valid identification document;
• photocopy of the health card;
• copy of the privacy policy pursuant to Regulation (EU) n.2016 / 679 on the “protection of individuals concerning the treatment of personal data” to be downloaded from the University website at https: //www.unicamillus .org / informativaprivacy / signed and filled in;
• copy of the payment of the entire fee / first installment plus 50.00 Euros with which the University will fulfill on behalf of the student the regulatory obligation of the revenue stamp and all the other obligations required by current legislation, by bank transfer, on Iban:
IT17 T056 9603 2000 0001 3317 X38
(indicate on the reason for the transfer your name and surname and the course code)

Candidates with a qualification obtained abroad must submit, under penalty of exclusion, within 3 months from the application submission, the original of the official legalized translation into Italian of the qualifications and the Declaration of Value issued by the Italian Embassy or Italian General Consulate competent for the territory in the country in which the qualification was issued.


The participation fee is equal to 1,900 Euros *, in addition to 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights.

Note: UniCamillus, in consideration of the health emergency due to Covid-19, has decided to extend a reduction of the cost to all students enrolled in the Master. The cost in the Covid emergency period is 1,250.00 Euros*, in addition to 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights, to be paid in a single solution or in 3 installments distributed as follows:

First installment: 450.00 + 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights within the application deadline
Second installment: 400.00 Euros within 1 month from the Master start date
Third installment: 400.00 Euros within 2 months from the Master start date

* In the event that the candidate does not make the payment within the times indicated by UniCamillus, he/she will no longer be able to access his/her personal student area and the video lessons, self-assessment tests and exams.

**The payment of the registration fees is not subject to the application of VAT pursuant to Art. 4 DPR 633/72, as it is part of the University’s institutional training offer.

Upon payment, a note attesting the payment will be issued.

PARTNER   Fondazione Progetto Salute


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