Degree in Physiotherapy

Final Exam and Academic Degree

Final Exam and Achievement of the Academic Degree

In order to be eligible for the final exam, the student must have acquired all the ECTS in the educational activities as in the study plan, including those relative to the clinical practice and to seminar activities.
The Final Graduation Exam constitutes a State Exam qualifying for the professional license and is composed by:

  • a practical test during which the student must prove to have acquired the knowledge and the theoretical-practical and technical-operational skills typical of the professional profile;

  • draft and discussion of a thesis.

Graduation Sessions


Any information regarding the admission requirements, final exam, commission, final mark and its determination is available within the Regulation approved by Technical Committee of March 25th 2021

Download the Regulation.

Within the regulation you can find the technical procedure which every student must follow. Here the annex that must be used for the drafting of the dissertation:

Annex no. 1 – Deadlines Time Schedule (Annex_1 pdf file);

Annex no. 2 – Suggestions for the Drafting of the Dissertation (Annex 2 pdf file);

Annex no. 3 – Cover of the Dissertation facsimile (Annex_3 word file);

Annex no. 4 – Frontispiece of the Dissertation (Annex_4 word file);

Annex no. 5 – Logo (Annex_5 png file);

Annex no.6 – Research originality statement and declaration of academic honesty (Annex_6 pdf file).

Should you need further information regarding the Graduation procedure, please contact the Graduation Office at